Cast Members:

Billy Bob Thompson

Billy is comedian and voice actor from Vermont. You can hear him as the voice of Froakie on Pokémon and Ray Shadows on YU-GI-OH!

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A quote from Billy Bob Thompson:

"Yes, that's my real name."

Colin O'Brien

Colin is a writer, performer and producer living in Brooklyn. He has studied sketch at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and screenwriting at the New School.

He can currently be seen every month at the UCBEast Theater as a part of a late night sketch show he co-produces called O.S.F.U.G. A Fast Fuckin' Sketch Show. Colin's web series The Triplets Of Kings County that he co-wrote, produced and starred in was featured at The 2014 Yonkers Film Festival.

He can also be seen performing regularly around New York City with his musical comedy group Nancy.

A Quote from Colin:

"Music is Good"

Elyse Brandau

Elyse is an actress and comedienne residing in New York. She studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and Upright Citizens Brigade where she performs on Maude Night. You can find her gallivanting with the sketch group Garlic Jackson at the PIT and online.

Elyse has been in a bunch of videos on Funny or Die and College Humor. She also does goods reaction faces on Saturday Night Live. Find out more at and on Twitter at @ElyseBrandau

A Quote from Elyse:

"You want to check my bag? Why?"

Lily Du

Lily Du is a performer and writer based out of New York. She performs improv with Pompadour and was previously a performer on UCB's Lloyd Night.

Lily has appeared on shows on MTV and MTV Other. Other credits include Above Average, UCB Comedy, and write-ups in SplitSider. She's a Smith College alum and would like you to follow her on Twitter @LilyD

A Quote from Lily:

"Can I eat in here?"

Mark Vigeant

Mark Vigeant is a comedian from New York City. He is currently an actor on the UCB Maude team Moriarty, and co-produces UCB's late night sketch show O.S.F.U.G. A Fast Fuckin' Sketch Show.

He can be seen regularly performing with his sketch group Kingmaker and the improv group Multiball. He graduated from Cornell University in 2011 where he was the director of his college improv group, the Whistling Shrimp.

A Quote from Mark:

"Go big AND go home."

Mo Fry Pasic

Mo (Morgan/ Mo Fry/ Mo Fry Pas) Fry Pasic is an Actress and Comedian studying improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade and performing stand-up around New York City. If you want to see her play characters like “Gary Sinese” or “Ainsley Tibert: Girl Horse Owner” check out her blog to see where she’ll be performing next.

You can also follow her on twitter @MorganFryPas and see how outraged she gets when babies wear expensive shoes.

A Quote from Mo:

“Ugh, that baby has amazing shoes.”

Patrick Foy

Patrick Foy is a comedy writer and performer living in New York. He has studied comedy writing and improv at Upright Citizens Brigade and Philly Improv Theater. As a founding member of the defunct indie sketch group Camp Woods, he performed in comedy festivals in Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and Chapel Hill.

His writing has been featured in McSweeney's Internet Tendency and HumorPress. As an actor, he has appeared in the independent movies Fear Town, USA and The Slashening.

A Quote from Patrick:

"I am cool. Trust me."

Tamsi New

Tamsi moved to New York with indie-rock band, Grassfight, for which she plays bass guitar. She has studied improv and sketch at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, The Peoples Improv Theater, and the Annoyance Theater.

She performs weekly with PIT house team, Lovers, and coaches through the 10,000 Hours program. Tamsi recently wrote a play called, “Sexts & Other Writings Delightfully Out of Context”. You can find out more on her website here or on her Twitter. Tamsi lives in Brooklyn and wishes she liked coffee.

A Quote from Tamsi:


Additional Cast Members:

Bridey Elliot (Host)

Bridey is an actress, writer and comedian based in Los Angeles and New York.

Follow her on Twitter or Tumblr.

Liza Dye (Season 1)

Liza Dye is a classically trained theatre performer and stand-up comedian originally from Charleston, SC. She is based in Los Angeles and is very active on Twitter and most social media platforms — @lizadye

A Quote from Liza:

"Everything happens for a reason."

Laszlo Toth (Recurring)

Laszlo Toth is a comedy writer, performer, video editor, and musician born and raised in the lovely city of Kansas City, Missouri. He now lives and works in NYC where he has studied sketch writing at Upright Citizens Brigade as well as improv at The Peoples Improv Theater. You can find him buying candy on the subway or at these places on the internet: Twitter: @mrlaszlototh / Vine: mrlaszlototh.

A Quote from Laszlo:

"No I do not work at this 99 Cent Store, ma'am."